Monday, December 1, 2008


Monday was doctor day for Kendrick. Last week we wanted to take him in for the lingering cough, cold, rash, virus-thingy, but the doctor advised against it seeing as how everyone in Sugar Land was there to get in that last visit before the holidays.

Come to find out, he had an ear infection. Now, really, I'm not a bad Mom. This virus didn't slow him down, he never had fever and he didn't pull at his ear. How was I to know? The rash also stumped the doctor, but she said keep hydrocortizone on it and let's see what happens. We also received Amoxil.

He is a pciky eater and it showed on his stats. We have a tall one here!

Height: 33" in 90-95%

Weight: 21 in 5-10%

Head: 18 1/2" in 50%

Overall, he is well. She was amazed at his vocabulary already saying "All done" and "Thank you". But, he can't help that. He is around Cavett most all the time.

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