Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time in the 'Port

I love spending time in Shreveport. Even though it is not in the house I grew up in, there is just something comforting about being in your home town. We drove up this weekend for my mother's birthday celebration and my brother's engagement party.

Last night we enjoyed an adult only dinner at Bella Fresca for Mom's early birthday celebration. I must admit, Stephen and I had never eaten at this establishment, only for drinks have we been there. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It is hands down the best steak in Shreveport. All my siblings were there with their spouses/or soon-to-be spouse at one point in the evening. (The Chaneys were in and out.) We opened presents, sang Happy Birthday and had 3 yummy desserts. Funny part of the night, during Jonny's blessing he mentioned Mom and her 40 something years. Umm....that would make her 6 when she had me! Yes, he knew her year of birth and how old she was, but it was still funny.

This morning was leisurely. We ate breakfast and waited for the cousins to arrive. Then the sisters went to Candace's house to help prepare for the engagement party. We enjoyed each others company as we worked to prepare a toast for the happy couple.

After lunch Candace and I took Anna Grace and Cavett to Southern Trace Country Club to decorate gingerbread houses. What a great time this was. Cavett was very excited about the idea of this, but in the end, eating the candy was much more intriguing. I ended up filling in the gaps. He was very proud of the final product.

Cavett and I arrived home to find a "Napping House." So, we headed out to continue our day date. We did a little shopping and then ended up at Starbucks, just taking our time and enjoying each other's company. I miss time with just him. I offered Cavett a hot chocolate and as we were going in he even stated that "that would warm me all the way to my toes!" However, when it came down to it all he wanted was water.

Tonight we have Jonny and Amber's party. Look for pics of the party tomorrow along with a copy of our "toast."

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