Friday, August 30, 2013

Top 10 Things I Learned This Week

10. Technology in the class room can be helpful.
9. Boys still like to punch
each other and fart in class.
8. Girls still like to braid one another's hair.
7. The first week of school is still wrought with paperwork and money.

6. It still hurts not to be chosen as a cheerleader.
5. Singing even in a group of 4 is still intimidating.
4. I've improved my teaching skills in the past 8 years without even being in the public school setting.
3. These kids are really fairly well behaved, respectful and ready to learn.
2. I miss teaching.
1. I don't want to return full time...yet.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

God's Word Speaking to Me

I don't know how many people actually take notice or follow my photos and scripture from my 365 Project. In fact, it doesn't even matter.

However, I am astonished by how God speaks to me and assures me through the verses when I'm not even trying to "find" something. For example, today I began the tedious and meticulous task of cutting out the pieces for Kendrick's new full size bed quilt as he was napping in my sewing chair. It's usually early afternoon when I begin thinking about a picture, if I hadn't already captured one. Of course my mind goes straight to the sweet boy catching some Z's 8 feet away from me. But, I have just about exhausted all of the sleeping verses.

Then I turned to what I was doing-cutting. Surely there was a verse there. So, I snapped and edited my photo and began to search for the scripture to accompany it.

Proverbs jumped right out at me. I wasn't even looking for anything within this context.

"Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing." Proverbs 12:18.

Not only have I been praying for wise words for a week, but also for healing through those words. God is so good to give us reassurance through scripture, to validate our requests and give us His words to pray.

May you find random blessings through His word as well.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Renewed Hope

I decided to pick up quilting again, now that I have my own huge craft room and I
needed some new bedding. 

Guest Bedroom Argyle Pattern

Most of the home decorating was done in the recently added part of the upstairs and I
was looking for a new project to enjoy in my newly organized and spacious room. 

Back in the fall I had decorated my craft room with a pretty Moroccan print made of
gold, black and a brownish-gray for the valance and add a throw pillow of the same
fabric.  On the walls I  used Gran's pencil sketches blown up on large canvas.  I
wanted to keep it fairly neutral since it was a walk through room and yellow and
grey seem to be a go-to color combo currently. 

As the queen size quilt came together for the spare bedroom,  I needed to find
fabric for the backing. This warranted a trip to the quilt store. If anyone knows
me, a trip to a quilt store is like putting a kid in a candy store with all of the
beautiful colors and prints.  Of course I found a jelly roll of modern prints as
well.  Since I had never tried a jelly roll quilt I thought I would try out one pattern
as a great addition for my upstairs little throw when I'm chilly.
Moda Jelly Roll

The fabric sat for a good month while I finished hand quilting the original queen.
But two weeks ago,  I had some extra time and I decided to get started.  Naturally,
I chose a chevron Art Deco pattern using all the grey, black and gold colors in the
roll.  I only barely got started before my grandmother was in the hospital in
Dallas.  So, there it sat for another week. 

With so many troubles on my mind and the after math of tornadic destruction just 2
hours north of us, I cut and pieced and sewed with a heavy heart. Sewing is so good
for a time of prayer and thought.  There were many mentioned as well as my own
emotional well being.  Little did I know I was sewing God's answer for me. 

Today I went to my last BSF meeting today and it was "Share Day"-- meaning you share
what you learned, appreciated or what God taught you through the study.  One lady
spoke of Genesis 1 and specifically verse 2-3.  It stayed with me and resonated in
my head later this afternoon as I was finishing putting the pieces together.
Art Deco Chevron pattern

The verses speaks about the Spirit hovering over the darkness of the deep.   That is
exactly what I have felt like over the past week.  I have been deep in darkness but
have also felt the Spirit hovering over me knowing He has been there the whole time
in control--from the beginning.

But, as I remembered verse 3 looking at my finished quilt God smacked me on the
forehead.  Let there be light!  There is hope!  And then I was taken to John 1. 

Because the Spirit is with us today and hovers over us--no matter what happened, is
happening or will happen--we can have hope because the Light always overcomes the

What a reassurance that is!  We can have hope no matter how bad things seem.  (See 1
Thes. 4:13)

I typically have a hard time coming up with a creative quilting idea once the
piecing of the top is finished.  But, this time I knew exactly what design it needed
to be--a sun (son) with rays of hope.

Pattern to be stiched as the quilting

Maybe this speaks to you right now but truly this was a reminder to me because
usually I give away quilts or they are for some specific purpose.  This one was
always going to be mine though.  It was God's little quilted reminder  just for me.

Just remember that His Spirit is always hovering over you no matter the
circumstances and He has the ultimate plan in mind for all things to work for the
good of those who love Him.