Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wordful Wednesday and the Night Before the Night Before Chirstmas

For all of you Wordful Wednesday Folks, here's what you are looking for. You've heard of Princess Lea...we'll our's is Christmas Lea. We had quite a bit of fun with the bows.


Rudolph Nose

Triple Do

For the rest of you, here's what is happening at the Hill house.

Yesterday afternoon, Stephen's parents came in. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with them and we went out for dinner. Afterwards we came home dancing to Christmas music and we decided to go ahead and have two Christmas Eves/Mornings. We went ahead and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and had birthday cake.

This morning we got up and ate Christmas Bread and opened presents from Grandmama and Grandaddy. We were overhelmed with blessings from them. Truly. But, as you can see the bows and the boxes were fun too. Cavett got a Hot Wheels Stunt set, a pirate Lego set, a cool scanimation book and a Flo's VB Cafe from the movie Cars. Kendrick got a fun Farm Book and a Plasma Car. In our PJ's, we all enjoyed their toys all morning long. Grandmama and Grandaddy left just after lunch and Dad has now gone to the office to get Cavett's final gift.

Tonight's activities will be much the same as last nights, except that after birthday cake and a reading of the Bible Christmas story we will head to church for the Youth Choir's singing of Vivaldi's Gloria during the 8:00 candlelight service. I will be singing with them. When we get home, Cavett gets to scatter the "reindeer food" (that he made at school) all over the yard and we will tuck them quickly in bed.

Seriously, I am way excited about tomorrow.

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