Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day

For Cavett's last day of Pre-school, I volunteered to help with his field day.  I thought it would be filled with games and races, etc.  Unfortunately when I arrived, I was handed chalk, bubbles and sidewalk paint!  What did I do to deserve this?!?!?!  (The non-conformist lunch maker) I made it through the first two groups hanging out on the driveway in the hot sun with minimal paint and bubbles all over me until Cavett's class came out.  It was worth the mess to see Cavett enjoying his time with his girlfriend, Bella. 

On the way home we drove by his new school, Cheatham Elementary.  It is almost finished.  I'm so excited for him to go and learn.  He is ready for new concepts and to be challenged and find new subjects.  But, at the same time I don't want his innocence taken away.  Being in such a big school around so many other kids worries me slightly.  I just don't want him to grow up like that yet. 

So, if I happen to cry August 23rd, it is for his innocence, not because I want him to stay at home.  I will miss him (some), but he is so ready to be in Kindergarden.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Swim Lessons

For the past two  years Cavett has had swim lessons--first private and then a group version.  It's now Kendrick's turn.  I hired Cavett's teacher from last year to come give Kendrick some one-on-one lessons, since the only group lessons they have for a 2 year old are Mommy and Me.  He is way beyond.  Miss Carolanne said that in 2 weeks he should be able to swim alone in the pool, with supervision of course. 

Cavett is also getting about 15 minutes of stroke instruction too.  But he is also enjoying our new furniture as Kendrick gets his lesson! 

The Latest Edition/Addition

Welcome to the world Asher Adam Chaney!   Mom and baby both are fine and healthy.  Asher is so cuddly and precious and  I just can't wait to see what kind of personality he adds to our mix. 

Asher was born on Tuesday, our Dad had a CE course on Friday and Saturday, so we went to visit all of our Louisiana cousins.  Unfortunately, sicknesses of multiple kids and kinds kept many at quite an arms length.  Every family even ended up at the Chaney's pediatrician this weekend!  So, we didn't get to see William, but I picked up the older Chaneys for an all day playdate. 

There was park playing,

crazy peanut butter lunching,

art classes a la Nana,

and backyard swinging.

I tried to wear them out to the best of my ability.  I know they had a great time with each other and really enjoy each other's company.  I just wish they could do it more often.  Some of the best times I remember as a kid were with my Poole cousins.  There were backyard playdates, lunches at Johnny's Pizza, and more.  Now looking back on it, I wonder how the two of them did it with 7 kids total!?!?!? 

That aside, I hope that our 3-7 hour distance doesn't hinder their love and friendship in one another. We are really looking forward to the next visit in Allen in a couple of weeks! 

Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend was Girl's Weekend.  A few months ago, one of my college buddies, Paula decided that since we had no more weddings to get together for, we should have a girl's weekend.  We orchestrated a way to share the cost and that we would rotate who would plan each year.  This first year, Renee and I co-hosted.  I provided the spot and Renee handled the finances.  It was THE. BEST. WEEKEND. EVER!!!

We stayed at Casa De Las Colinas, a.k.a. my house and I prayed about the weather for a month and watched the 10 day forcast constantly.  I was really worried about the rain.  But, it didn't put too much of a damper on the weekend.  Paula and Kristin's flights were delayed, but it all worked out and we were still able to get to dinner at Stephen Pyle's on Friday night. 

Saturday was filled with Sliver Service breakfast,  manicure/pedicures, outlet shopping, hot tub relaxing, steakhouse dinner, Renee's tambourine shaking, an Elvis impersonator, a band singing "Happy Birthday" to Adrianne who said her name was Jennifer, Kristin's Karaoke with Big Tex and the smoking bull.  I just don't think we could have squeezed anything else into the day!  Paula and Anna were real troopers carrying their little ones inside. 

Sunday consisted of Brunch at Blue Mesa and lounging in the pool the rest of the day until the boys came and disrupted the calm. 

These women mean the world to me.  They have known me for just a few months shy of half of my life. All but 1 I have lived with.  They have completely put up with me and all my quirks and antics.  We have been there for each other and have been there to laugh, cry, stand by them as they married, support them through pregnancy, and have playdates with our children.  I hope that 40 years down the road we are continuing to do the same as well as share pictures of our grand-children.  We are mothers and wives to 17 boys and 1 baby girl.  We needed this time.  Time to reflect, to remember and to reconnect.  Each of these girls were and are in my life for a purpose and I love them all dearly.  Thank you for such a great weekend.

And I guess I have to say that it is all due to Will K. Andress, the past director of the Centenary College Choir.  With God's help, he hand picked my best friends forever. 

He gave me Kristin first as my first college dorm roommate and fellow flute player who showed me the love of "randomness and silly." 

He gave me Renee who blew me away with her talent who showed me the meaning of hard work . 

He gave me Paula who showed me the love and dedication of a true friend. 

He gave me Anna who showed me great humble-ness, even when I had previously wrongly pegged her for something different. 

He gave me Adrianne with her amazing voice who has been a blessing for me and my entire family for the past 11 years having gone through dental school with her husband and "our boy" Trumon.       

The thing is these are only 5 of many more from college.  There were others missed this weekend.  If I didn't care about my education, I at least made friends that pass the test of time.  Money and loans well-spent.  I feel truly blessed to have so many long-time and dear friends.  I love each and every one of you! 

Friends Near and Far

This was the name of Cavett's Spring Musical at school on Friday.  He has been practicing all semester and has been carrying around a little piece of paper with some of the words to one of the songs for the past few weeks.  Earlier in the week, he made a special point to clarify that our whole family should be there--not just me, but Daddy and Kendrick too.  I reassured him that that would be the case.

We staked out the sanctuary about 45 minutes before the program so that we would have prime seating.  Kendrick really waited very patiently.  Cavett paraded in and sang soulfully songs from around the world--Edelweisse, La Cucaracha, Frere Jacques, This Land is Your Land, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, and ended with We Are the World.

His words, "I sang my heart out!"  And yes he did.  Watch out Centenary College Choir--he already has the bow down (when no one was instructed to bow, he was the lone bow-er).  I even got a few winks.  It's our special way of acknowledging each other from stage to audience.  I was a proud Momma and glad that I could be there to support him. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Highlights from the Week

I know I haven't been posting lately.  I just didn't have the free time and I just wasn't pulling out my little camera.  I've been spoiled by Stephen's work camera and I can just see such a difference in the quality, that tend not to take pictures with my little one.  But, maybe that will change now.

Monday we were given the most gorgeous full double rainbow at 8:00 pm.  After we had put the kids to bed, we headed back to the living room and noticed it in awe and decided we had to get the kids back out of bed to witness it.  Kendrick has been wanting to draw rainbows ever since.

Tuesday is usually my "clean the house day."  But, we threw caution to the wind with a small hint from my boys, packed a lunch and headed to our new favorite park that is near Cavett's new Kindergarden school.  There we made a new friend and hung out until naptime. 

This Mother's Day was the greatest of greats!  My boys are super sweet and incredible!
  • I received sweet cards that my kids made at school saying things like "My mom is 25 years old.  She looks the prettiest when she is getting ready for church. I love you." 
  • I enjoyed so many hugs and kisses from all three of my men. 
  • I was woken up by my boys with a breakfast in bed, even if it was a protein shake (I asked for it.) 
  • My Mom was able to join us for most of the weekend and she even braved a class at the gym with me. 
  • We ate a great Sunday lunch at home off my great-great grandmother's china and use the silver of Stephen's grandmother. 
  • I played countless games of Sorry (an all time favorite of mine), Chess and Beatles Rockband. 
  • I was wished greetings from many folks.
  • And, my gift was a housekeeper to come once a week!  Hallelujah!
From here until the end of the summer, there will be much hostessing.  College girls weekend, Memorial Day get-togethers, a baby shower, and friends and family visiting.  Bring on summer!