Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shout Out Sunday

I'm borrowing title from my sister, Candace who seems to be giving "Shout Outs" every Sunday. So, here's mine. My shout out today goes to brother Jonny and future sister-in-law Amber. I had a great partial week/weekend with them. On Wednesday Amber was driving back to Shreveport from Dallas and we met in Canton for fantastic lunch/conversation and for me to pass off a house key to her. They had a shower for a friend in Pearland (or Pearl-and as they called it) on Saturday. So, they stayed at our house Friday and Saturday nights. We met them at home last night for some Gringo's food. They were able to witness our family Sunday in all our glory. Let me just say that it was a bit chaotic--adjusting to life back at home, no schedule for a week, re-arranging the house and putting up Christmas decorations and the tree. We ended up finding a babysitter for the evening and took them to our favorite sushi place, Sage 400. Good times.

I truly love Amber and I am so pleased she will be a part of my family and I get to have another sister! He chose well. I am so happy for Jonny, too. He seems so happy and in a good place. We love you guys!

Jonny gets an additional shout out. He has agreed to illustrate the book that I have written with Mom's ideas. I have basically finished the text and we discussed how many illustrations we would need and what ideas we had for settings and caracitures. Way excited about this project! It's going to be great! More to come soon!


Amber said...

AWWW!! Thanks for the wonderful shout out Sister! I am so happy and honored that I am going to become an official member of the Dent clan soon. I could not ask for a better family! Here's to many more nights of sushi and fun memories! We love you and your wonderful, never-a-dull-moment family :)

Candace Chaney said...

What a great pic of those two!