Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas Party

Today was Cavett's Christmas party and I was one of three Mom's in charge. It looks like we are having a great time. Things look calm. Normally, yes, but under the circumstances it was a little difficult. At this school the teachers don't stay in the classroom for the party. Seems very strange to me--being a teacher myself I would think liability issues would come into play not to mention I don't know these 13 kids from Adam. We, as parents, also don't know the schedule or what is allowed in the classroom. Makes for a difficult time.

We planned a Polar Express party--we read the book, pretended we were on the train, ate candies with nougat centers white as snow, made jingle bell bracelets, played a jingle bell game, and had pizza with our train cookies for lunch.

Everything went semi-well until the craft. Let me begin by saying I picked something that required no glue, no scissors, just wire, jingle bells and beads. Then the 15 month old daughter of one of the Mom's grabbed the cup of beads just so that they spilled everywhere! Then, as you do any crafts with kids, they all finish at different time. Some really get into it, others slap something together and call it done. So, chaos ensued with them pulling out toys bfore I could round them up into my next game.

But, it all didn't matter whether I enjoyed my time or not. On the way home I asked Cavett his favorite thing today and he said it was the train ride and the nougat candy. Then he busted out with a song that they sang in Chapel, which I had never heard. My day was saved. All I needed to hear was his angelic voice.


davis family said...

Ok, the teachers not being in the class is just bizarre to me! We had Walker's party today also, a great time was had but I am tired! I loved Cavett's song - what a beautiful little voice! I think we have the same pj's - are they Janie and Jack?

Falcone Family said...

Yup! Sounds like my Thanksgiving Day Celebration at Bela's school, but no teachers around..weird! My turn tomorrow. Meet movers here, leave for two hours to go to party, then back to direct movers. Thank Goodness for father-in-laws! Hope Cavett enjoys his first day of his Winter Break!

Rhonda said...

Teachers LEAVING the class to the parents? That is like patients coming into the office and me leaving them in charge while I go for coffee.


Allison said...

That looks like fun! But on the teacher note, at my son's school, parents come in twice a month to do recess and lunch duty so the teachers can get a break and eat with other adults. However, we also have to go through SAFE ENVIRONMENT training before we are even allowed to be alone with the children! That aside, it looks like the kids had fun. My son LOVE Polar Express. He just had his 5th birthday party and the second it was over he said that he wanted a Polar Express party for his next one! I guess we can do similar things...have them come in pjs, have hot cocoa and nougats, and watch the movie!