Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Is...

After talking with Cavett's teacher about his writing skills and conveying the problem to Nana, Nana helped us come up with a solution.  We are now using graphic organizers to help with getting his thoughts down on paper.  He and Nana did a fairly in-depth practice set about our trip to San Diego.  Tonight while waiting for the 4:00 service to start, we worked on a very short practice-6 sentences about Christmas. 

While he came up with the thoughts, I did promt a little and after the main points were determined he was tired of writing it down himself (the opening and closing) and had we had the time or energy, he could have expanded on each sentence.  We talked about them, but he was done.  I mean, it is Christmas Eve after all.  But, without further ado, if you haven't figured it out yet, here it is from a 7 year old perspective.

"Christmas Is" by Cavett Hill (age-almost 7)

Do you know what Christmas is about?  Christmas is not about toys.  It is not about Saint Nick.  Christmas is about Jesus being born.  It is about Jesus being the best present of all.  I hope you have a wonderful "Christ"mas. 

May each of you have a very special wonderful "Christ"mas and remember the true reason we celebrate.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Program Videos

This is not the real deal, just the rehearsal, but you can get the idea....



When you get behind in your blogging, it is daunting to say the least to poke your head up and try to get through the weeks behind you.  It is my own fault--sickness, trips out of town, programs, costumes, parties, and baking.  By all accounts, it is definitely December.  I did plan ahead though getting all my shopping out of the way very early hoping to focus more on the giving and doing more for others.  I guess I accomplished that and now I'm well on the way to the anticipation of the end of "technical, liturgical" Advent and on with the celebration of the true meaning of Christmas. 

In the mean time, let's recapitulate....

We started the month of with a flesh wound.  The first Wednesday of the month during recess, Cavett hit his head on a pipe protruding from the school building wall.  Unfortunately, my phone was charging and on vibrate.  The school ended up calling the office and I got the message 15 minutes later.  We met at the pediatrician's office and Cavett received 3 stitches.  He was such a trooper and very strong.  I was so proud of him.  I would have been a mess!  In fact, I couldn't even watch him get the stitches or numbing shot.  It healed beautifully and the scar should be minimal.  He said he looked like Frankenstein!  There was also the sickness--me recovering from Mono, Kendrick had a ruptured eardrum and strep throat and I'm pretty sure I'll be taking Cavett in tomorrow for ST as well. 

The next day was Kendrick's school program and I was able to take Grandmama with me while Uncle John got his teeth worked on.  He was just precious and sang like a sweet angel in his Christmas "tie."  He was even able to stand next to his best friend, Luke.  Video to come on the next blog. 

 That Saturday was completely free, so we headed out of town with our friends, the Boatners, to Grand Saline so that the boys could shoot the guns.  Being the only girl in the bunch, I was elected "Storm Trooper" and chased around the field. 
Stephen also shot a few of the nuisances (beavers) in the lake. 
 Wise, he is.  Our church pageant was held and Cavett was one of three wise "persons."  Why we can't call them what the Bible calls them, I'll never know.  They were and still are MEN.  No matter, he was dressed royally in my former couch pillow material and tchotchke.  He delivered his lines with enthusiasm and elegance.  So, proud again.  Video will also be on the next blog. 
Pictured here with Herod.
 The final belt testing and karate tournament of the year were also held in the month of December.  Cavett is now a green belt and Kendrick is a yellow belt.  They both have come a long way since beginning in January and April of 2011, respectively.

And, then there was the baking and hosting of parties.  I ended up baking 16 double loaves of Christmas Bread for friends.  I hosted a Sunday School party, Chancel Choir party and DFW Centenary Alumni Party and a friend after party at my house and also hosted Kendrick's school party and the office party at a restaurant.  I'm pretty done and looking forward to relaxing the rest of the year.