Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 8-Downtown and Coronado

What: Breakfast at Village Cafe, Walked to the New Children's Museum, Caught the ferry to Coronado Island, Lunch at the Village Pizzaria on Coronado Island, More Ping-Pong and Foosball with a dip in the cold pool, Mom and Dad had dinner on the USS Midway and the kids and Grandmothers went back to Edgewater Grill.

Lows: Worrying that we wouldn't make the 1:00 ferry, Not being able to use our San Diego Go Cards at the Maritime Museum, Losing Cavett's baseball hat at the Children's Museum.

Highs: Everything about the Children's Museum, Watching all the sailboats from the ferry, yummy pizza and salad for lunch, Dad having time to run by and pick up Cavett's cap before they closed,

Our beautiful mothers joining us for this adventure. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 7-Sea World

What:  Sea World, Lunch at Shipwreck Cafe, Ping-Pong and Foosball at the hotel, Dinner at Peohe's on Coronado Island, Fireworks over the bay.

Lows: Being drenched on the Shipwreck Rapids, Getting a sunburn, No wind and in the sun during the shows, Tired of crowds and lines.

Highs:  Killer whales-seeing that much mass jump out of the water, Seeing the Dolphin show, Seeing our first walrus and beluga whales, Riding the Shipwreck Rapids, Playing Foosball with the kids from Holland, Catching the fireworks after dinner.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 6-USS Midway

What:  Breakfast at the Village Cafe, Walked to and toured the USS Midway, Lunch at Edgewater Grill, Quiet  Time, Dinner at Sally's on the Bay.

Lows:  I wore the wrong shoes and got a blister.

Highs:  Touring the island at the top of the aircraft carrier and Cavett being the Captain, Dinner at a fancy restaurant with well behaved kids and Mark got to come as well. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 5-Balboa Park

So, I fell off the bandwagon once we got to IACA in San Diego, but I'm here to finish the blog, nonetheless. 

What:  Breakfast at McDonald's, Fleet Science Museum, Model Railroad Museum, Natural Science Museum, Snack in hotel for a late lunch, Mom and Dad went to dinner with LVI Instructors at the University of San Diego Scripps Oceanography Research Center in La Jolla, while the kids and grandmothers had dinner at the Village Cafe with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

Lows:  The Organ Pavillion was closed and you couldn't see the organ.

Highs:  The massive layouts at the Railroad Museum, Travelling through the cell at the Fleet Science Museum, and Running into our BFF, Mark Alexander who was staying at our hotel. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The One and Only, Most Awesome Zoo Ever!

What: Breakfast at Hotel, Drove to San Diego, SD Zoo until 5:00, Lunch with the elephants at the Sabertooth Grill, Checked into Manchester Grand Hyatt, Dinner at Buster's Beach House.

Lows: My headache at the end of the day, Tired kids, Not seeing the tigers, Dealing with bigger crowds and getting separated a couple of times.

Highs: Riding the Guided Tour at the zoo, Panda and Polar Bears, Peacocks and Koalas. Watching the Gorillas feed and seeing the Silverback, Riding the Skyfari ride across the park.

Monday, July 25, 2011

San Diego Safari Park

What: Breakfast at the Hotel, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Chipotle lunch, Lego Land, Pick Up Stix dinner

Lows: Heat-Escondido where the Safari Park is located is further east and was 20 degrees hotter than the coast, making it 95 degrees today. Park food is expensive, so we hit outside the park today, but we tended to wait on beyond our “patience limit.”

Highs: Kendrick liked the ostrich and their eggs.

Cavett couldn't decide between the cheetah and the ostrich, because the cheetah can sprint fast, but the ostrich is a marathon runner.

Nana and Stephen liked the elephants and the “Encounter” talk.

Grandmama liked the Norhtern White Rhinos (2 of 6 in the world) and the lions, reminding her of Daniel and the Lion's Den. I liked the cute old volunteer couple that showed us the differing skulls of the house cat, panther, cheetah and lion.

Of course, the giraffes never get old for me and I think I was the only one who caught a glimpse of this mamma. 

Lego Land Repeat: We hit a couple of things we missed yesterday like the “Test and Build”-where the kids got a set of wheels, made a car and then raced. Kendrick repeated the big slide and playground in Adventure Land while Cavett took in the two rides that Kendrick wasn't tall enough for. We ended the day with the Dragon roller coaster one last time.