Friday, December 5, 2008

My Boys

After dropping Cavett off at school and spending 40 minutes at the gym, Kendrick and I had an outing. We headed to our local Lowe's to buy some supplies for our "little" project tomorrow. We had such a fun time. First off, he was very happy. Second, he found everything and everyone interesting, but not interesting enough to want to get out of the buggy. If you have been around Kendrick or seen my past blog, you know that he would rather be the one pushing the buggy than to ride backwards in it.
He must have captured 15 peoples attention. He is such the flirt. So much so, that one worker gave him a Lowe's Hot Wheel car and it wasn't even to give Kendrick something to occupy his attention. He was mesmerized by all that was going on around him! There was the cutting of the boards, the forklift, the paint shaker, the check-out scanner, Christmas decorations. The forklift passed us as we were checking out and even though it was COLD outside, we stopped and watched it drop it's load in the bed of a truck. Fun times! This is one to remember. Maybe we should make a trip to Lowe's every week. The unfortunate part was that I didn't have my camera in my purse. The terrible pic was with my camera phone.

Once Dad got home tonight, we dropped Kendrick off at church for Parent's Night Out. We decided to change it from PNO to a CNO--Cavett night out. He has been so sweet lately. He's been so obedient and helpful. He's just a good kid(I promise I haven't even used the "Santa isn't going to bring you any presents" trick). We thought he deserved a treat.
We wanted to take him for sushi, but the movie times weren't condusive. So, we ended up at a favorite Italian restuarant instead, Collina's. Unfortunately, the line was so that we waited for about 30 minutes. Cavett was loosing it. No nap and hungriness weighed heavily. He ordered spaghetti and we tried to talk over the hurried eating and loudness of the restaurant. Collina's is right next to the movie theater, so we walked (hauled it!).

We watched the new Disney/Pixar's new flick, Bolt. The movie time said 7:40. We arrived, rushed to get tickets, use the bathroom and find a seat at 8:00. The movie didn't even start until 8:05. Can you believe it? 25 minutes worth of previews!!!! Other than that, Bolt was pretty cute. It was a chase type of movie, but the Pixar people are pretty good at story telling (just look at Monsters, Inc.)--ingeneous, I say. They set up a funny senario. It's about a dog that totally believes he is a "super"hero and has powers. Little does he know that he is on a TV set and the whole thing is fake. When the real world hits, he is clueless. Lucky for him, he meets good friends along the way and eventually discovers that the love he did have on the set was real. Kind of choked me up at the end. It is rated PG for some peril and danger. I had my reservations. Cavett was a bit unnerved at the beginning and didn't like how loud it was even when we moved to a higher seat. Also, even though he likes guns and battles and danger, he likes it when he is in control of it. He was a bit fearful of the fire, but it was ok and we made it a learning lesson. "That's why we don't play with fire/candles, etc."

Now, for the best part. It wasn't just a Cavett Night Out. Dad made it into a "teach Cavett how to take girl's on a date" kind of night. As soon as Dad got home, he summoned Cavett quickly to the garage. Within a few minutes, I was greeted with a bouquet of flowers and a kiss. Cavett opened my doors and ended the date with the sweetest good night kiss. Love that kid. Some little girl is truy lucky.

I thought it was wierd when my Mom used to pray for my husband when I was in elementary school, but now I understand. So, tonight, I pray for that little girl out there somewhere who will capture my sons heart. I pray that she is a God-fearing, loving, tender, gentle, understanding, strong woman who will love Cavett deeply.

Answers to yesterday's quiz:
bird-flute (BTW, it's a REALLY hard part to play)
wolf-French horn


Claire said...

I just love it...ALL!

Candace Chaney said...

Sweet Cavett! Can't wait to meet the wife-to-be. Certainly worthy of prayer. :)
Love ya'll!

Amber said...

Too sweet! Both of those little boys are going to make wonderful young men, and husbands one day. I am glad we will get to share in those moments.
Also props to Stephen! Way to go with the teaching him good lessons early.