Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Week in Numbers

A few days ago, my friend Brenda, blogged about me. She was really sweet in what she had to say, but as she listed things I couldn't believe what I sounded like. "Are you serious? I really do all that?" I asked myself. So, I decided to add it up this week and see. Here is my week in numbers.

76 gingerbread cookies cut and iced
8 loves of Christmas Bread baked and delivered
2 wooden toy soldier yard art made
7 trips in to Houston
1 Doctor visit
3 hours of teaching music
1 cookbook completed and 12 ordered
8 loads of laundry
5 visits to the Alteration lady, long story...
10 Christsmas presents bought and wrapped
4 playdates and visits with neighbors
1 toy room packed to move for my friend, Brenda
79 my new found favorite Christmas channel on Sirius
8 blogs written
4 work-outs
2 dates, one with Cavett and one with Stephen
7 advent devotionals
countless prayers

P.S.-- My husband insisted that I metion the baths, the stories, the meals, the consoling and the caring for children. I just assumed that was assumed.

I would have to say that if nothing else gets done, what is important is the last 3. This holiday season stop and think. "Am I spending heartfelt quality time with those I love or just giving them gifts?" And, "does that list include our Creator and the Son he gave us, the reason for the season?"


Falcone Family said...

Aren't you tired?

I have now been inspired to get out of bed and count all of our packed boxes spead around the house and multiply them within the next several hours!

Elle Bee said...

And a partridge in a pear tree :)

I hope you get 12 hours of sleep soon.

davis family said...

Now, how have you managed to go through a week with just eight loads of laundry? :) This is such a busy time of year, thanks for your addendum post. I am vowing to let some of this busy stuff go, and just relax and enjoy my family!