Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Parties with Babies

Sunday evening we headed out for our Sunday School Christmas Party. I managed to get everyone and almost everything there. What took all of my energy and focus of the evening though was keeping my kids in check--not touching Christmas decorations, not touching brand new babies, and playing nice with other 1 year olds. Forget the adult socializing. Tough challenge, but we made it though with only one broken decoration that Dad was able to super glue back together.

The highlight of the evening was watching Kendrick play with Ella. She is the daughter of my oldest best friend, Carol Beth. We have known each other for 29 year. OMG! I just added that up. Wow! Ok, I knew we'd been friends forever, but that is a big number. What is strangely beautiful is that we really haven't been in each others lives much since High School. She was in my wedding and then we parted and moved away. Several years ago, I was singing in the choir one Sunday and low and behold--she is joining our church! We hung out a couple of times, she got married to a really cool guy. They joined the Sunday School "Fish bowl"--a room with tons of windows in a location where EVERYBODY walks by. We kept walking by and decided we needed to check it out. Turns out while I was pregnant with Kendrick, CB was pregnant and another girl, Rebecca was too. We decided that this was where we needed to be.

It's been great reconnecting with Carol Beth and having her back in my life. Best part--I love seeing Kendrick play with Ella knowing that friendships can last that long.

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CB Ivory said...

Wow, we have known each other forever! Yet still so young. :)

Looking forward to many more evenings of Ella and Kendrick yelling at each other through the door. LOVED it!