Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing Catch

Since Cavett's Sports Camp last week, he has been all about baseball. It was his favorite sport. This past Saturday I took him to buy new cleats for soccer and we ended up with a baseball glove as well. We watched him during camp and decided we needed to foster this desire.

He played catch with Kendrick in the house this morning. Only, I wouldn't let Cavett throw the ball. He had to roll it back to Kendrick and catch Kendrick's throws. Then Jonny came back by for lunch after his Millman interview and played a bit outside with him. Then this evening Stephn took him outside after Kendrick went to bed and threw a few balls. At times, Stephen couldn't decide whether he was watching a budding Nolan Ryan or a bad re-enacting of Bugs Bunny playing baseball with the wind up. It is a little hard since he is deciding which hand to use. He currently seems to throw better with his left, but only time and practice will tell. Catching is just as much of a struggle, especially since his hand is still a bit small for the glove. It was still tons of fun and Stephen even taught him "baseball banter."

So, if you are headed our direction anytime soon, get ready to throw a few baseballs. Everyone is fair game.

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Allison said...

Ok...I'll pack my glove for when we meet next week...LOL!