Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friends and Forklifts

Yesterday we had a blind playdate. Allison and I have been connecting through our blog for , hmmmm, not quite a year now. She has two kids fairly close to Cavett and Kendrick and she lives in Plano. When we made the move north, we decided that we definitely needed to meet and get the kids together. After such a busy, crazy summer, we finally made it happen and met at a park in Plano yesterday. Cavett and Max hit it off and it was so easy with Allison and me. Kendrick had great fun with the rocks and copying the older boys and her little girl, Cate is just too precious! We look forward to our next date and maybe getting the husbands together too! After they left I asked Cavett if he liked his new friend, Max and he stretched his arms out and said, "I like him thiiiiiiiiiis much!"

When we got home from our playdate, our friend Joe and a forklift were at our house. The pavers and coping for the pool were to be delivered and Stephen was going to do the actual unloading because we didn't buy the stone through our pool company. (We saved $10G's doing it this way!) Stephen is also going to do the actual laying of the stone. I know, it sounds crazy. But, remember, this is the guy who put together the entire swing set by himself, practically. He's an eagle scout, superman; he can do anything!

Anyway, the boys had great fun watching him drive back and forth and after it was all said and done, the boys got to play on it and move all the gears and levers. Who knew that at age 34, I would know all the technical terms of so many machines!

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