Saturday, August 1, 2009


I would say that today was not as good as yesterday, but ended well. Last night was a bit rough. I didn't get to bed until midnight and at 12:30, Z woke up and went back to bed after a little soothing. At 1:15 C crawled in bed with me. At 2:00 I realized C really needed to be back in his bed because K wakes up way too early and would wake C up. I put him back in his bed and took some Benedryl for myself.

6:15 K is up. We try to cuddle in bed hoping he would fall back asleep. Sort of worked until Z joined us at 6:45 and then I had to start a Little Einsteins. Everyone was grumpy this morning. Everyone except AG. She was my ray of sunshine through the day and she knew exactly why! She's got the sleep idea down! Don't let her fool you, sister!

We headed to Target first thing, because on Thursday at the grocery store I forgotten one of the things most needed--bread. We were also out of jelly. This was the task that I dreaded most, only because I know how my children behave in this situation. However, it was awesome! The herd mentality can really work for you. We all held hands and made a train. The two little ones buckled into the cart and the biggers either walked along or rode in the big part. It was a short trip, but by the time we checked out it was pouring. I had my handy iphone and checked the radar to see when it would pass and it only took a minute of waiting. We then ran out and got buckled in record speed.

On to Wiggly Play Center in Frisco. So, I found this place in a magazine and it was our first time to go. Yet another reson for doubt, ok, that and that it was themed for the "Wiggles." I wasn't really impressed. Kids were tired, hungry and cranky. The pancakes for breakfast didn't hold very long. The place was jammed with birthday parties and the playground area was a little too much for Z who got stuck at the top and would come down. We left after and hour and a half.

Lunch was mac 'n cheese and I just couldn't get it made fast enough! All four waited at the table the entire time it was cooking. Naps followed and AG and C watched "Snoopy Come Home" as I caught an hour nap as well. Z woke screaming, which made K wake screaming. After much holding and coddling, we ended up playing in the game room and then on to the dress up clothes.

The most endearing moment was when AG insisted that I needed to wear her tiara. How did she know I needed that reassurance? No shower, greasy hair, no make-up and all. Sweet heart that kid has.

We ended the day at Chick-Fil-A. I get some really weird looks with 4 kids and only 2 ages. We managed though eating very well. We even had one dropped ice cream cone and had 3 different potty incidences and I had to let the big kids go alone after having the "going to the restroom alone" speech/rules. Good thing we were pretty much the only ones there.

They were all in bed by 7:30 and didn't hear a peep after that. Better get to bed quick. Whew!


Candace Chaney said...

Oh my goodness gracious alive!!!!! We're coming!!!! I hope you got more sleep last night. Hang in there!!!!!!

I'll call today. Love you all. :)

And thanks tons! We've had an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL trip.

Love, love, love you. Thank, thank, thank you. :)

Allison said...

God Bless You! HOpe your Sunday is a little less hectic!