Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Hole in the Ground

Pool building began yesterday. I really love my husband for all his creativity and attention to detail, but these pool guys most definitely do not. They began digging yesterday at 3 and finished around 8. The boys had a FANTASTIC time watching all the "diggers." It ended up smaller than we had hoped for becuase we had to add piers 12 feet down. Evidentally, when the house bulider graded the yard, they added up to 3 feet of dirt in the backyard and to support the weight of the pool and keep it under warranty, we had to add piers. Oh well, at least we won't ever have to pay for any cracks, ever!

Today is re-bar and plumbing. Electrical and inspections tomorrow. Gunite is Thursday and then we wait for two weeks for it to cure.

We hope that the actual pool portion is done by my birthday. Stephen wants to lay the deck himself so that will take some time. And the landscaping, well, we will hope for next spring!


Allison said...

AT least you are getting a pool. I wish we had one during these hot summers. Maybe someday!

davis family said...

WOW... I had no idea pool builing moved so fast! I know the boys are loving all the dirt and large equiptment, that is a little boys dream!