Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Festivus

It was a 4 day celebration of birthdays! We began with opening one of Kendrick's presents on Thursday evening, the day before his actual birthday. We got him a Geotracks train set and he was in heaven! The look on his face says it all. This kid loves trains. If only Dadoo were here to play with him....

We were headed to Houston the next morning because we were invited to Isabela's birthday party. Since all of our dear friends were there anyway, we decided to go ahead and celebrate Kendrick's birthday in Houston as well. We arrived by noon and met Isabela and Brenda at Collina's for lunch. Seeing as how this was his actual birthday, we went ahead and ordered a brownie for dessert. Topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup, we enjoyed watching the sweet sharing of the kids.

That evening, we celebrated my birthday. We did dinner at Benji's in the Village with the Alexanders and Falcones and then met up with all my Houston friends afterwards. It was so good to see everyone again and felt so good being back in our old stopping grounds. We tried out the new Gallant Knight hoping for an R & B band, but were sorely disappointed when we realized it was a 70's cover band. We made the best of it and ended the night at a karaoke joint a hop, skip and a jump away from Anna's house. Of course, we had to have 4th meal at Taco Bell.

Saturday morning was Isabela's birthday party at the Children's Museum. The museum had really had a complete overhaul since we had last been. It was very impressive and a ton of fun. The Power Tower, Water Works, and Tot Spot were highlights. Thank you, Brenda for a great party and inviting us and we were so happy to be able to spend time with Isabela! Happy 5th birthday!

After naps, we had Kendrick's birthday party. Graciously, Anna, Mark and Walker opened up their pool for us and we had a small (in number), but large (in fun) party. The Falcones and Buckners joined us for BerryHill fish tacos and tamales and of course the rice crispy treat birthday cake. Brenda hooked us up with a customized, quality "Dori" fish pinata. Now when I say quality, I mean even after two rounds of adults hitting, we couldn't crack it! After all the excitement and entertainment, we put the worn out kids to be and the adults hit the hot tub.

We are blessed to have such wonderful friends to share in such meaningful times in our lives. Thank you for your friendship and support. We love you all.

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