Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Friend

Yesterday we had our second playdate with a family who lives very near to us. We were hooked up with the Jensen's through the very last friend whom I met in Sugar Land, Tara. Tara used to live in the north Dallas area and told me that Elyse and I should meet. We have kids close to the same age.

Our first meeting was at McDonald's and I am a little embarassed to admit that this was my kids first visit there. They had a blast and Cavett really enjoyed playing with Sam. He kept asking when Sam was going to play with us again.

We had the Jensen's over to our house yesterday and we had a great time pulling out all the toys and chatting it up. I have really needed this. My kids have really needed this. It has been a long summer with out neighborhood friends, school friends, or church friends. So thank you Elyse for being my first "Allen Mommy/Kids Friend"!

Lucky for us, we have another playdate on Monday. This one is also a blind date. Allison and I met over our blogs. She found mine and then we have been reading and commenting back and forth. She has kids close to the ages of mine as well. Unfortunately, our schedule has been so busy that we haven't until now been able to coordinate anything. However, she has been so very helpful and kind and I know we will hit it off as well!

Strange thing about both of these ladies--both are pregnant with their third. It has put thoughts in my head, but Stephen quickly shut those out last night when I mentioned it.

Looking forward to our next meeting, girls!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh just wait . . Candace will be pregnant . . . I already thought I was last week . . . you'll get the bug again!