Monday, August 31, 2009

One of Those Days

It was one of those days... You know the kind whether you wonder if it is a full moon or if you are just PMS-ing.

We have just subscribed to cable after 9 months of opting out. We thought the price was outrageous for how much we really watched all those channels. Well, I hadn't gotten the 411 from Stephen on how to get anything turned on. We have the computer hooked up to the TV broadcasting on 2 different TVs and I justs couldn't figure out how to find the cable and I desparately needed PBS kids so that I could clean house. An hour later, I got the phone call.

At 10:20 we hopped in the car to go to the gym for my killer Pilates class. Halfway through the class I notice a nursery worker peeping in looking for someone. I thought, "Kendrick already pooped this morning, it can't be me." But it was. He had bitten a kid and broken the skin. I was embarassed, frustrated and miserable. It was one of those times, where you can't get out of the situation fast enough because if you don't you are going to burst into tears. And, by the time that I got in the car I did just that. Kendrick must have figured it out, because the whole way home he said, "Sorry, Mommy."

After a shower and lunch, things were looking better, except that Kendrick did try and bite Cavett at one point. Cavett and I had some fun times playing with Kendrick's birthday toys and took care of a few more chores. He was a really sweet kid today and went above and beyond in helping. It could have been that he was looking at a toy catalog and realized he needed more money in his piggy bank for such things. So, after emptying the dishwasher, washing the lunch dishes and helping with the laundry, he had earned a few more coins. He rushed to go get his piggy bank, but it slipped through his hands on the way back to see me. Tears from him ensued and I felt his pain.

Kendrick woke up and this meant we needed to run our final 2 errands of the day--the DMV for the truck registration and the grocery store. Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum!!!! Yes, these were two things I dreaded after the emotional morning that I had. I looked up the DMV address and got it figured out. I ended up where I thought I should be-the Collin County Court House. We march up the steps, go through security, up the escalator and I look at the map and numbers. The suite was 2302, but I was seeing numbers with 5 digits. I ask someone where I could find the office and they said to get in my car, go out of the parking lot to the right and up the hill to the next building. Ugh. Retrace steps, all the while Cavett is asking a million questions.

Building number two. Found the office, get in line. I have the insurance card, driver's liscence and a check book. Only problem is that my liscence doesn't have the right address and therefore, I cannot use my check. At this point, again I nearly burst into tears while wrangling two boys. She tells me that there is an ATM in the lobby. We exit, find the ATM, pay an extra $3 to withdraw and get back in line. Finally, mission accomplished, but I just can't get it together.

Grocery Store up next. We really didn't need to much and I made it out without too much of a scene. We did have to get the kiddie basket and luckily there was only one so they had to share which meant not so much corraling. Bright spot was the checkout guy, Matt. He must have known I needed a laugh. We ended up discussing Kendrick's biting and he said, "Yeah, I have that problem too. Sometimes I just have to bite someone and say I wanted that eliptical."

But, what really saved my day was the sweet note and article that my dear friend, Marion wrote to and about me. In her note she said that she was having writer's block on her newsletter article for the week, but after a Dove chocolate whose message said, "Send a friend flowers," she knew exactly what to write. She sent me the article which was about when I went to visit her in May and how much that meant to her as a friend. 3rd bawling of the day, but at least they were of good tears.

To finish the evening on a very sweet note, we took the bikes and headed down the street to Yogulution for a frozen yogurt dessert. It was perfect--the weather, the kids, my husband--everything.

I still don't know what is going on with me, whether it is new BC and hormones, or that I am almost 35 and I'm falling apart or that it is time for school to start, or that I haven't found a church, or that I miss my friends and neighbors, or that I miss making music. Maybe it is a combination of all of it. I will reasses in 2 weeks after I start BSF and the kids are in school. Whatever it is I know, "this too shall pass."


Falcone Family said...

I am so sorry! My morning was a really bad one, too. I couldn't even FAcebook about it b/c it involved possible readers. I wanted to cry at Isabela's school for one situation, then at my school for another one. However, it ended with sweet gestures from a friend, as marion did with you. It was a nice reminder on "What friends are for".
So glad you were able to be so open about it.
May you have a morning filled with PBS tomorrow! :-)

Candace Chaney said...

DMV + grocery store = recipe for diaster.


That is one tough day, momma.

The good news is that it's over. In the words of Scarlett, "Tomorrow IS another day..."

Allison said...

Gosh I am sorry to hear about your the future if you need to run errands sans kids, feel free to call me. I'd be happy to watch them and they can play with Cate or Cate and Max! I hope tomorrow is better.

davis family said...

What a day! I can empathize on a number of levels, and you are so right... this will pass. Walker went through a biting stage, around 2 and it just about did me in! Just so you will know, I am in awe of you and what you manage to accomplish. You are so talented and creative.. and those boys are amazing! You will get into your new groove soon, you just moved three months ago.. think about all you've done since then!
I am praying for you!
ps... BSF will definately change your perspective, you are going to love it!