Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Weekend Review

It was unbelievably busy.

Thursday evening we met some friends out to see their location for their nuptials in May.

Friday, I went to the Sugar Plum Market with Brenda and my neighbor, Debbie. For lunch, Brenda, Isabela and I met up with my boys for a lingering lunch. Unfortunatly, we were not hoping for a long lunch. Oh, well. During nap I made a pecan pie for Saturday's dinner. That evening we took the kids to Parent's Night Out at church so that we could research some Christmas presents and catch dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant.

Saturday, I woke up way before dawn to give my first professional development presentation for 3 hours. It did go fairly well and I am super glad it is over and I get get back to having a bit of free time working on the projects of my own choosing--blogging, cake making, scrapbooking and writing another new Blurb book! It's amazing. I just can't quit. I'm addicted to Blurb. I mixed up Cavett's soccer ball cake during nap time. That evening we headed to Brenda's for a Thanksgiving spread of the best pork chops I have ever had. Thanks for cooking Sammy.

This morning, I led my 6th graders in singing for the 8:30 service. We did skip out on the 11:00 service. Had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and spent the rest of the time before choir rehearsal icing the soccer ball cake for Cavett's final soccer team party on Tuesday.

I'm physically exhausted, but it may be because there was no time for excersicing. I'm looking forward to getting back to a regular week. Stephen is off fixing a neighbor's computer. I guess there is no more procrastinating. I better get busy catching up on the laundry now.


Falcone Family said...

I am crying right now! You know, Crystal played soccer for her high school for two years. For her 16th b-day party, I had a soccer ball made for her. Today, I actually placed her soccer ball shaped pillow in Isabela's toy donation bag. Reading your blog, I really should pull it out. Lots of good memories w/ those soccer games...she was not that great, and she knew it. But, she refused to give up and leave the team. Like I said, your cake making experience has really taken me back..thanks!

davis family said...

A mommy's work is never done, is it. Wouldn't it be nice to nap during nap time instead of seeing how much you can get done during the only uninterrupted time you have all day? Oh well, its fun and I have a hard time sleeping during the day anyway!

Dee said...

WOW! The cake looks amazing!! Your boys are absolutely adorable!!!