Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I don't like early voting. For one, you could possibly change your mind. New information is given in the final days before an election. The other reason is that I just like having one day set aside to do our civic duty and speak our mind. I knew there maybe lines, but I didn't care. I like to take my children with me to the polls to show them that every vote counts and impress upon them this privilege.

As Cavett woke this morning, I gave him his choice. He could wear red, white and blue like the flag, or his army outfit to support the troops. He chose his camouflage. So, at 9:00, we packed the double stroller and headed to our polling place at the front of our neighborhood. We arrived about 9:30--absolutely no line. I guess lots of people are early voting. We received our confirmation and handed it to the lady for our voting number. She said to Cavett, "Are you going to help your Mommy vote today?" Cavett replied, "Yes, mam'. Taxes is terrible!" He said this loud enough for everyone who was there voting to hear. Her response was, "My, you've been indoctrinated early." A little embarrassed I replied, "He's been watching Robin Hood." While, yes, the whole taxes thing started back in July when he became fascinated with Robin Hood, we thought the line was hilarious and have encouraged it.

Cavett has also been learning the pledge of allegiance at his school. Props to his teacher and our neighbor, Mrs. Templin. This afternoon we will do another project or two to impress upon him the importance of the day and his patriotism. This is a great nation that we live in and it's really amazing how our fore fathers came up with a Constitution that works so well 232 years later. I just pray that our democracy, freedom and free enterprise system as we know it today is still there when my children and grandchildren are of voting age or even just 4 years from now.


davis family said...

Walker is very impressed with Cavett's recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. We have now watched it three times. I am very convicted that I haven't worked with him on that! He also said "Wow, he can spell just like me, and he is little also." I love the line about the taxes. Walker told our neighbor that Trumon and I were "Publicans", and "Publicans" are very smart. I think these boys are ready for Fox News!

Falcone Family said...

We played the video 3 times too! McCain would be so proud!

Candace Chaney said...

Taxes is terrible!!! HILARIOUS!!!