Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Dadoo Kinda Afternoon

After naps, we all piled in the car for a "going place" kinda day. We didn't tell Cavett where we were going, we just went. Our first stop was the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. Dad would have had a field day with this place. Who knew there were so many different rail lines going through Fort Bend County! After watching a short video, we toured the gallery and then got to get on a caboose. Way cool! There was also one other passenger car that they are in the midst of restoring, so we weren't able to get on it. While we were at the museum, at least 2 real trains came by. There was also a model "N" train set to look at. This scale is much smaller than Dad's. The set was amazing--so detailed and it modeled different parts of Fort Bend at different times during the last century.

Our next adventure was to the gas station to fill up. Ok, so that wasn't the only reason we were there. Cavett got his first taste of real sugary Dr. Pepper. Dad and Uncle Jonny would have said it's not really the REAL Dr. Pepper as it is made with true sugar cane syrup, instead of corn syrup, but it was as close as we could get.

Next, we headed north to Katy. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant where Cavett and I gobbled up the hot sauce and chips. Another Dadoo favorite.

For the ultimate "going place" we ended up inside Katy Mills Mall for Lunar Golf. This is a black light putt-putt golf course. Cavett loved it! I have a feeling this will be the birthday party place for the 4 year old in January. Kendrick enjoyed himself as well, climbing over all the obstacles.

To end the night, we made a stop at Marble Slab sharing ice cream with one another.

It was a good day and one I wish Dadoo could have enjoyed with us.


Candace Chaney said...

What a great day! I know Dadoo would be so proud of you and your awesome little boys. Love you!

Susan said...

That looks like a fantastic day. I know my little guy would have loved it.

Kathy Werntz said...

Your dad would be so proud of you. I want you to know we still miss him a lot. Had a good visit with your mom yesterday. Love you. Miss Kathy