Thursday, November 6, 2008

Literacy Thursday

It's a quiet, dark, and rainy afternoon at our house. We just received a slew of new books from our school's book magazine and we have been reading. Cavett can't seem to get enough of several of them. He wants them read over and over and I'm having trouble trying to get him to read all of them. I have my favorites too.

So, I decided to start a new sharing thread on Thursdays for those of you interested. Every Thursday I'll give a review of a children's book that I really like and recommend. You can post your favorite as well, either through a comment or maybe I'll figure out how the "Mr. Linky" works. (Give me some time and I'll get it figured out or maybe someone who knows how can give me a shout out!)

Here's my favorite today....

The Farmer in the Dell, Illustrated by John O'Brien.

It's such a clever idea and humorous! You all know the song from your youth. Mr. O'Brien has taken the song quite literally. he supplies the reader with a definition of "dell" if you look closely to the drawing. The farmer has literally fallen into the dell and grabs on to each person. Of course, the cheese stands alone at the end and doesn't want to help. He evetually gives in and all celebrate, only to find that during the celebration the farmer falls into the dell again. Cavett took great delight in making predicitions as to who would help out next. Maybe I like it because I love musical books, but it's cute.

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Candace Chaney said...

Ha! Sounds really cute.