Monday, November 24, 2008

My Definition of Hell on Earth

We spent the morning at the auto dealership getting our first check-up and oil change for the Jetta. Total time spent there--an hour and a half. it was the longest hour and a half of my life. The waiting room was full and there wasn't anything other than a TV with Regis and Kelly playing. Cavett wasn't a problem; he sat in the hallway and watched the movie Cars. Kendrick on the other hand wasn't interested in sitting still. I brought a car and a couple of books, but I would have had to have a Santa size sack full of toys to entertain him. We ran up and down hallways, played with a balloon, and another saleman gave us a ball to play with. Kendrick ended up with one head bump by running into a doorway and I got a fat lip from his thrashing. Had I been home, this one would have gotten a few tears.

5,000 more miles and we get to repeat it again. Hooray.


Claire said...

The Lord often places us in situations that he hopes we will learn from- and many of them uncomfortable and painful (lip looks painful!). Maybe this was one of them...I say, let Stephen go next time or bring the boys to me!

Falcone Family said...

It is an awful place! I dislike it so much that part of the reason I bought my car is that they give me a loaner car for an entire day for an oil change or anything. I can't stand that kind of waiting!!
Hope those bumps are better by now.