Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sibling Time

This past weekend, the Chaneys found their way to Sugar Land. We always love it when they come. Typically, there is much craziness, laughter, and fun. It's all about the kids. They run amuck and play with each other quite well. Someone is usually sick. This weekend was no different--including the sickness (don't ask, you DON'T want to know). The kids got to make their own pizzas, go to the Stomping Grounds and Zeke got to play with tons of boy toys. He was in heaven. Stephen even made Anna Grace's front tooth a little prettier while the boys feed the ducks.

However, as pictures will tell, the best part was the time the adults got to spend together. I found that I took very few pictures of kids. They didn't care. They still had a blast regardless. I got to work out with Candace in the morning, and later in the afternoon we left the kids napping with the Daddies and we went to get a pedicure and shopped at ATL. That evening we had Esther babysit while the adults had dinner at Churrasco's and hung out at some "diverse" local venues (a wine bar and then a red-neck outdoor-bonfire making out back-kinda bar!) We had good conversation and more laughs that the kids had.

It warms my heart to have such a wonderful relationship with my sister. It hasn't been so in the past, but as we have gotten older and had kids we have been able to see each other's points of view and embrace and celebrate our differences. I love you, Candina and I thank God that He has placed you so near and dear to me in my life. Now, if only you were physically closer.

P.S.- She totally captured Kendrick's heart. He loves her. Cuddled with her constantly and wanted her to hold him. It must be the "second" bond.


Candace Chaney said...

Oh, how much fun we had! We love you!

Claire said...

You made me cry...I just pray that someday my girls will be lucky enough to have the same relationship you have found in your sister. What a special weekend- I am so happy you got to have it!

Falcone Family said...

What a story. I do see the love all over the place!

Anonymous said...

William is drawn to Candace too. She just has that mommy factor.