Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Play Yard

This afternoon, long about 4 o'clock we headed to the front yard to play. I promised Cavett that he could play with our neighbor Jeffery and the TV box we just aquired. (Yes, we are stimulating the economy, but when stores are closing and giving away merchandise you just can't help it). Within 20 minutes there were 12 kids in our yard. About an hour later, it was 16! It was great fun watching them and their imaginations with the box. Eventually, a couple of other moms joined us.

However, once Cavett's friend Jackson arrived on his bike, Cavett decided that was all he wanted to do and for the next 45 minutes he rode up and down the street. We mangaged to stay out until it got too dark to see and the mosquitos started swarming.

This is why we live in the 'burbs. Totally worth it.

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davis family said...

I love the impromtu gatherings that happen out here in the 'burbs too! The kids have so much fun.