Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things I Loved About Dad...

Things I loved about Dadoo and want to make sure my boys know too. (in no particular order.)

1. I loved how he hummed the bass line to any song no matter where he was.

2. I loved his well known sayings "Now here this!, This is not a gymnasium., Don't eat ice."

3. I loved how much his friends looked up to him and knew how genuine he was.

4. I loved sitting next to him on the piano bench as he played with 3 fingers.

5. I loved how he tried his best to get me to understand Economics, business, interest and the law of diminishing returns.

6. I loved it when he took us to the "going place."

7. I loved that when he had an idea or made a decision that was what it was going to be and nothing was going to change it.

8. I loved his "Daddy Burgers."

9. I loved that when we went camping and he cooked breakfast, he wouldn't just cook several slices of bacon. He would cook 2 pounds.

10. I loved that he didn't care what anybody else thought. He could lounge around in his underware in front of anyone.

11. I loved that he loved my Mom dearly.

12. I love that he did the best that he could as a Dad and provided us with more than we needed.

13. I loved that he woke us up on Saturday mornings by blaring Manhatten Transfer's "Java Jive" and on Christmas morning with "Merry Texas Christmas."

14. I loved how he read the Sunday paper each week.

15. I loved his wet willeys.

16. I loved that he couldn't stick out his tongue.

17. I loved his sense of humor and his laugh when he really thought something was funny and couldn't stop laughing.

18. I love that he approved of Stephen.

19. I loved teasing him about his collard greens, but he wouldn't eat my spinach.

20. I loved his political convictions and if he were still here today, he would be plotting his retreat into the country just as he got rations and a gun "the persuader" for Y2K.

21. I loved his sense of style. He loved Tabasco ties, his tazmanian devil boxers, and Christian parody T-shirts.

22. I loved his knowledge of the Bible and how wonderful of a teacher of the Bible he was.

23. I loved his love for true Dr. Pepper.
24. I loved his passions for trains. Now, I think about him every time I see one.
25. I loved the smell of garlic as he cooked his famous hot sauce.
26. I loved how much he loved Mexican restaurants.


Candace Chaney said...

Beautiful and wonderful list. But I HATED his wet willies! :)
Thanks for that, Jenny.
Love you.

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing that with us Jenny! I love to hear stories about Dadoo and I am glad that I get to know a little of him through each one of you!

Candace Chaney said...

And PS- to add my two cents- I loved his inappropriate jokes, his shoulder to sleep on in church, and his rendition of the cabbage patch.
Thanks for starting a list.

Falcone Family said...

did you get my text??

Susan said...

That was very sweet. It is obvious that the boys will have a wonderful understanding of what a great and fun person Daddo was.

davis family said...

I remember at choir camp your dad telling the story of meeting your mother at camp and falling in love "at first sight". He ended the story by saying how he was still just as crazy about her. I recall then thinking how there were not many men who would profess their emotions like that, especially publicly, and he looked at her like she were still the 18 year old girl he fell for. I pray Trumon speaks of me and looks at me that way after years of marriage.

Anonymous said...

Well it was sort of the bass line. And what about how he always managed a far tin the grocery store check out line? Or one beer and he's toast!