Friday, August 1, 2008

Sweet and Silly

This week has been really wonderful in getting to love on Cavett. I have told him so almost everyday as I am hugging him or kissing him while holding him waiting in a line, or on a bus or boat. Some of you may know that he was/is not a cuddler. He's too active. I guess we have worn him out sufficiently. It's almost 9 AM and he's still sleeping this morning. Anyway, sometimes he wants me to stop and put him down and I say, "I'm just lovin' on ya." So, now he's started doing it back to me. He'll kiss us or give us a hug that may be too rought and he'll say in the cutest, sweetest voice, "I'm just lovin' on ya." It's the "ya" that really gets me laughing.

Last night as we left the Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios, I guess Cavett was on beyond tired, although we got to the room earlier than any night this week. He was just trying to keep himself awake and as he was waiting in line he was doing the Russian puppet dance from Pinocchio. The only way you might have recognized it was from the "hey"! It's pretty silly looking. He entertained quite a few people with it.

As for our day yesterday, it was fairly laid back and it was all about the playgrounds. We returned to Animal Kingdom and rode the Safari ride again and this time added Rafiki's Planet Watch train where you get a behind the scenes look at the animals cages for the safari. Next we headed to DinoLand U.S.A. where we rode yet another Dumbo like ride, the Triceratop Spin. Then we went to the Dinosaur Boneyard. Pretty cool playground with caves, slides, etc. There is also a dig that we didn't get to because, unfortunately, it started to rain. With tears in his eyes, we headed back to the bus just before the downpour. Stephen was done at lunch today so we met him back at the hotel for lunch and a nap.

After we headed to Hollywood Studios for a very earlly dinner at Mama Melrose, an Italian joint. But we got there early enough to check out the set of "Honey I Shunk the Kids." It's another pretty cool playground and of course we didn't get to play long enough. Afterwards, we decided to brave the lines and stood for 90 minutes to ride "Toy Story Mania" again. Still well worth it. We had just a bit of time before the show, so we stepped inside the Magic of Animation film and "museum." I wish we had had more time and the animators had been at their desk. Pretty interesting to see the art and how it is all put together.

Last but not least we headed toward our super, secret entrance for the Fantasmic show. This is the largest show with capacity for 10,000 people. People get there an upwards of 2 hours for their seat. But, we got the meal package and got reserved seating for the show. Well worth it. The show was pretty good, although I think all the hype about it led to a bit of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I guess I am more of a musical (like Nemo/Lion King) kind of person. The effect of showing film clips on water that was sprayed upwards like a fan was neat, but other than that it was just ok. I also prefer just the plain ol' fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

As soon as snoozer wakes up we will head to Epcot. Hopefully, he has slept enough that Dad can meet us there and our nap can be late in the afternoon. Ok, make that 10:30 AM!

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Falcone Family said...

What a magical week you guys! I am glad you are there having a ball, but we certainly miss you guysso much over here.

Fyi..Crystal told me that she thought it was cool that you guys took Cavett and he got to have you guys all to himself for that little while...remember, this is coming from someone who is the eldest child and has to share mom and dad.

Although, I am sure that Kendrick is so being loved on to by his sweet grandparents!

Isabela can't wait to see her boys next week!