Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Dallas Excursion

As you know we headed to Dallas this past weekend. Much fun was had and it was good to reconnect with many friends. We stayed at my sister's-in-law's condo in the heart of Dallas. Prime location and just what we needed. Thanks Su-Su and Al!

Thursday afternoon Stephen met with a broker that talked his ear off and didn't give him much information. So, I was left with the kids at the condo until 7 while waiting for him to get back for dinner. Luckily, we were right across the street from Cole Park, so that gave us a diversion until he arrived. Dinner was with my college roommate, Renee and her husband, Chuck at Dream Cafe. Cavett had a blast as he got to play on their "playground" and write with chalk while we caught up.

After breakfast with Aunt KK at Cafe Brazil, Friday was spent driving around Dallas. To spare you the boring details, Stephen met with 3 brokers, went in one practice and drove by a couple of others. For the most part I was in the car with the kids watching movies and napping. Basically, we decided that Dallas would stay in our decision making if the right practice were to come available, but at this time, there is nothing there. That evening Aunt KK got us out of a babysitting bind until my brother's "almost-a-fiancee" was able to get out of class. We headed to Deep Ellum for sushi with our vacation friends, Joe and Kelli.

For some reason, my camera never got pulled out until Saturday. Oh well. Saturday was all about the college friends. We drove out to Flowermound, via North Richland Hills (for another practice), to see Trumon and Adrianne Davis (more college friends) and their kids. Walker is just a few months younger than Cavett and Lauren is a precious little 1 month old. The boys talked shop and the girls listened in while refereeing kids. I think the little ones enjoyed themselves, playing swords, sighting-scope and such. But it had just been a tough couple of days not at home and on our regular schedule. As a result, Cavett was a little cranky. On our way home, we stopped in Coppell to see Trumon's office. If you live anywhere near, this is the dentist to go see. Great guy and very nice office! (Trumon-you need to get a website for your office! This was all I could find :))

That night all the college friends met at Renee's and then went out. We ended up in the Knox/Henderson area in Uptown for yes, more sushi! Sitting around the table drinking sake and eating raw fish, we realized how funny the situation was. You see we are all from po-dunk little towns: Trumon-Tatum, TX, Adrianne-Grapeland, TX, Stephen-Grand Saline, TX, Renee-Many, LA. To them it seemed that I was from the thriving metropolis of Shreveport, LA. I don't think if you would have told us in middle/high school that we would be where we are now, that we would believe it. We celebrated the fact that the three of us met that weekend 16 years ago and that Adrianne and Stephen joined us 3 years later. It was good to catch up and laugh remembering all the funny times at Centenary.

On the way back to Houston, we stopped by Aunt KK and Uncle Austin's house to jump on the trampoline. Much fun. It was a loooong weekend, but we are glad we explored and we will see what the Lord gives us for opportunities. Whether we stay in Houston or move to Dallas, I'm just ready to have some place to call home for the next 20 years or so.


Falcone Family said...

What an awesome weekend for you all! We did miss you on Saturday, though. You guys were the only piece missing.

About the 20yr home, you know what I am praying for :-))))

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Katy said...

Hooray for Dallas having nothing to offer, and getting to keep you in Houston - for a little longer... says the selfish friend! XOXO

davis family said...

So excited to make the hill family blog! We had a great time seeing you guys. We would love it if things work out for you to be closer. I'm working on a blog sight for our little family, I'll let you know when it is ready.