Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Cars

This afternoon we had a bit of time before Kendrick's friend, Teague's one year old birthday party. We decided to go look at cars. We just paid our last payment on our no intrest loan on the Expedition and with gas the way it is, we are looking for a car for me to drive that gets much better gas milage.

We started out at the Saturn dealership looking at the Aura. Both boys enjoyed playing around in the cars, but Cavett seemed to enjoy all the convertibles best.

Next we went to Volkswagon to see the 2009 Jetta TDI Diesel. This is the first car like it of its kind. I really liked this car alot and even got to test drive it alone-no kids, no husband, no salesman. How nice! The saleman claims this car can get upwards of 50 mpg. No kidding.

We aren't sold on buying a new car, but we can't get the Jetta used. Not sure if it's really worth it. Guess we have some number crunching to do and weigh the environmental aspects.

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Mrstacy said...

I own one of the 2009 tdi cars, and it may get 50 under ideal circumstances, but 45 is more realistic. The good thing is that it will do this and still deliver a sporting performance. The build quality is excellent too.