Saturday, August 2, 2008

Low Expectations = Magical Moments

Yesterday I let Cavett sleep in. We were headed to Epcot, so it wasn't necessary to get a huge jump on the day. He slept until 10:30. We arrived at Epcot by 11 and Dad joined us around 1 at the Mexican World Showcase for lunch. After lunch we were able to do all the rides in Epcot that Cavett could ride--Figment's Imagination, Ellen's Universe of Energy, Spaceship Earth, The Land, Nemo, Talkin' Turtle with Crush, Mexico's ride and Norway's ride/film.

If you haven't read the updates to "My Disney Thoughts," I was a bit disappointed in Epcot. My first trip to Disney World was November of 1988 and Epcot was my favorite. I really thought it was cool and of course I loved the countries because I love to travel. What was unexpected this time was that not much had been updated. I thought Epcot was supposed to be on the cutting edge of the future. But I guess that the 1982 "future" has come to pass and they don't know where to head next. Innoventions was closed, the Energy ride/film was the same, Norway's film was exactly the same, the Land hasn't changed, Figment was the same. They had updated Spaceship Earth somehow, but it seemed to be the same to me. Hopefully, Epcot will get an overhaul soon.

The magical part of the day was that while we were eating dinner at the Rose and Crown in England, a cast member named Heather came to our table and told Cavett that Mickey Mouse got held up on the Monorail and wouldn't make it in time to start the fireworks. Mickey had asked them if there was a little boy eating macaroni and cheese that could do it for him. She gave him a wand with a rainbow of colors and they sprinkled pixie dust on it. When the appropriate time came, Cavett "blew" out all the torches that were lit around the lagoon and used the wand to make the fireworks start. It was just fantastic and he loved every minute of it. He made sure that there were blue and green fireworks too, since those are his favorite colors.

I thought that would be the end of the "magic," but it had only just begun! As we were repeating all our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom this morning, we met Alice and the Mad Hatter. As we were talking to her, she asked Cavett if he would like to ride the Tea Cups with her!!!!! We met her back at the appropriate time and he told her, "I'm gonna make you dizzy!" Cavett chose a green tea cup and off they went. When they got off the ride, they both acted like they were very dizzy.

So, I guess it's the little extra things that Disney does that makes the "magic." It's the smiles, the cordial words, the extra time they take to try to make every thing right if a ticket doesn't work or you can't get back to a ride during your FastPass. It may not be that you get to ride in a parade or that you get to spend the night in the castle, but all cast members try to make you feel special in some tiny way or another. We just got extremely lucky that something bigger happened two times.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

looks like a fun day! They seemed to enjoy it

Scribbit said...

That picture of the shark's mouth is too funny--great Kodak moment.

Candace Chaney said...

10:30??? Are you kidding me??? How is that possible!!???

Glad ya'll had a great time! We miss you and can't wait for the Houston reunion!