Friday, August 1, 2008

A Few Thoughts on Disney-UPDATED

***UPDATED*** See # 8-11.
Here are some thoughts/opinions I've had about Disney this week. Take them for what they are worth, just somethings to ponder...

1. What happened to Christopher Robin? Who is this Darby chick?

2. Wishes/dreams/hopes to me equal prayers. So, this whole idea of "Where your dreams come true!" is just phoney. How many times have kids gone home disappointed because they didn't get to see their favorite character or their favorite ride was closed or it started raining, etc. For adults, I think if we had our prayers answered, there would be no waiting around on transportation, or for rides and shows. This place is so NOT-UN-realistic, it isn't even funny.

3. Why can't they serve something other than chicken nuggets to kids? I understand they have to serve "kid-friendly" food, but how about having Mac-N-Cheese, Spaghetti, Corn Dogs, Pizza more readily available? They are really trying by offering grapes and apples, but we could use a side of corn, green beans, black beans, or peas.

4. Would Walt really approve of all this? Did he invision families spending this much money and wasting so much time? I know we are all here to have a little free enterprise, but really. How many millions of plastic and felt ears have they sold for $10 a piece, not to mention tickets, food, hotel, etc.? Would he really approve of some of these rides or scary effects for young children? I thought he was commited to the American Family?

5. I can't believe that I have actually found myself waving at characters right along with Cavett. It's a strange phenomenon. I catch myself and I feel silly.

6. Character Greetings- No longer do characters walk around and shake hands, etc. It has now become a big ordeal. There are long lines. Just to see Mickey in his "tent" your wait could be an hour or more! Unless you schedule a dinner with him, this is your only opportunity to see him up close. The phenomenon I don't understand about it is the autograph book. Why? It seems so ridiculous. Just getting autographs in general, to me, is silly. But, it takes up so much more time making lines longer.

7. Tiny kiddos and un-happy ones- Yesterday I witnessed some parents forcing their 2 year old child onto the Kiddy Roller Coaster. She was crying and didn't want to go, but they were making her. Again, why make them? I have also seen soooooo many babies. They are hot and fussy or they are konked out. Maybe they don't have the luxury that I do in leaving them at home. I am so thankful for Gail, my MIL, in that she was able to help out in this regard. Otherwise, Cavett wouldn't have had a very good time and I would have been miserable trying to do it all and Cavett going on rides by himself? I don't think so!

8. If I had a daughter and she had to walk around the park dressed as something, it wouldn't be a princess. She would have to be Alice in Wonderland. She is much cuter and still a little girl.

9. I have to take back a couple of things I have said about #3. Lately we have been finding more veggies. Cavett has had peas, corn and carrots, green beans and he even ate some canteloupe.

10. I also take back the "magic" part. See tomorrow's post about tonight. I'm just too tired to write the whole thing right now.

11. Epcot's Future World seems sad. It's now been open 25 years and hardly anything has changed. It's totally 80's. Spaceship Earth is basically the same, but still cool. The energy movie is virtually the same as I remember. The Land ride through the greenhouse-same. I think both the Innoventions were closed. I guess the thing is that we have moved into the digital, computer future of what they were dreaming about in 1982 and they don't know what to do now. The best part of Future World was the Seas. They have focused on Nemo and added a ride as well as an interactive "Talk Turtle with Crush." You are in a theater with a screen showing Crush and friends all the while someone backstage is watching the audiences through cameras and talking and interacting with you. Pretty cool.


Susan said...

I grew up in Florida and once we reached Disney World enjoyment age, we went pretty much every year. Even 20+ years ago it was strange to see how much it changed from year to year. I remember when Epcot was added and was pretty much empty because most people wanted to do just Disney World. Oh how things have changed!
After college I moved back to Florida to work and a friend of mine worked for Disney and was able to walk me into the parks for free. I was shocked at how much the price had gone up over the years. I was even more shocked at how much the parks had changed. Sure there were still the standard rides I remembered: It's a Small World, Dumbo, etc. But, there were also a lot of other scary, even for me, rides. I went on something called Alien Invasion or something like that and if there had been a stop button on my seat I would have pushed it and gotten out prematurely. I was terrified and not in a good way.
I agree that Walt's vision is no longer being realized and now it is all about the money and commercialization of everything. I am reminded of this almost weekly when Austin watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and they have changed the song to something other than the standard M-O-U-S-E song I grew up with. Now it has something to do with hot dogs...weird!
I know that we will eventually do Disney with our kids, but some of the joy will be gone for me because it is not the family friendly place that I grew up with. My husband has never been to Disney and I fear his reaction will be, "what is all the fuss about."
Oh, and you are right about the "dreams come true" comment. I can't think of a single dream or even wish that Disney ever fulfilled for me, but God has certainly enriched my life with an overflow of blessings.

Candace Chaney said...

Funny post. And I'm so glad you guys are having a good time, but the reasons you listed are exactly the reasons I want to take AG and Z to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon instead. All that to say, it IS really special time that you have with Cavett, so soak it all in and take a whirl on the teacups for me. :)

Falcone Family said...

Although, I have never really wanted to go to Disney World, we will go one day (maybe sooner now that we can go for free!)

You make very valid points Jennifer, but it's a great opportunity for the kids to see that it may not be everything it's cracked up to be. I think there's a lot to learn from that...utter disappointment and maybe a mix of satisfaction. I will take your opinions and use them as fair warning for Isabela, when we plan that trip, in that dreams will not take place there. There will be lots of fun, lots of family bonding (like your sister said ) and much needed lessons on patience.
You know, it's like going into a designer shoe store, oh what fun to shop for that prefect pair, for the perfect outfit...but, ultimately it won't fulfill my inner's simply for fun...what's wrong with that??

Cavett is very fortunate to have your eyes see it for what it is, because I know you will mold that experince in a way that he needs you to.

Tell me more....I am counting on your comments!

Falcone Family said...

I don't have nice words to say about #6 and #7. !@%@&#%#% !!!

Kate said...

Just got a little giggle out of #8 as one of my best friends from college worked at Disney for a year as Alice in Wonderland.... fun little fact.... And, I agree with you on that one! Alice would be the most fun!

Anonymous said...

So you're having a good time right????