Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kendrick's Home!

Yesterday we went to pick up Kendrick in Buffalo, TX. We met Grandmama and Grandaddy and ate lunch at Dickey's BBQ. Seeing his reaction at seeing Cavett was priceless! His mouth dropped wide open and he had the biggest grin. Kendrick was not so excited to see me, but that is ok. I am so glad they love each other so much. Cavett also said during the week that he missed Kendrick.

Today we are stuck inside as a "tropical storm" passes through. It is actually little more than some showers and no wind. Kendrick showed us this morning how he learned how to go down the stairs during the past week. On another note, as you can hear in the video, we have been invaded by bunnies. They are Cavett's make-believe friends of the day. I'm not sure whether they are good guys or bad guys though.

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Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What a cute stair scooter! He's doing a good job. (Was that a "face plant" I heard?) Love the imaginary bunnies!