Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harmonica and Computers

I know, my titles are leaving much to be desired. At this point, I'm doing good to get anything posted right now. So, here goes.

Kendrick has discovered his brother's harmonica and has also figured out how to blow in and out. Cute.

Also, while we were gone this past week, our upstairs computer died.....again.....for the 4th, 5th, 6th, (I don't know how many!) time. We haven't had a new computer in 8 years. So, we gave in and headed to Fry's Electronics . That place is really amazing. There is so much gaditry there that it makes my head spin. I have no idea what the majority of their inventory is for, but they have a lot of it! Stephen was like a kid in a candy store and after about 20 minutes, he figured out what he needed. Once we got the kids to sleep, he began building. It blows my mind how he knows how to put it all together and make it work. This was the scene at about midnight last night. It will probably be finished tonight? Right now it's in pieces in our bedroom to keep the kids off of it. Again, I am so thankful that he is a computer nerd (his words) and knows how to do it and we don't have to pay for one put together or someone to do it for us.

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Anonymous said...

He is looking a lot more like Cavett to me these days.