Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coast Guard Jesus

I know, I know you are wanting to see cake pictures. That is Stephen's job this weekend, as I had to leave yesterday at 7 AM to go to Pure Sound Youth Choir Camp in the Hill country of Texas. So, be patient you will see them soon.

For your enjoyment while you wait....

Last night the kids had a talent show. Some good, some bad, some wow, some funny. Here's one that was reprised from several years past. Use your imagination. Picture this. Two chairs. A blue towel drapped over them. Two kids behind flailing like they are drownding. "Jesus" comes to rescue the guys, pulling them out of the "water". Jesus says, "I always was a fisher of men." Maybe you have to be there, but these kids are funny. There are other takes on the theme, like Weatherman Jesus, Apperntice Jesus, Carpenter Jesus...etc.

Hopefully, New Orleans won't physically need a Coast Guard Jesus in the next few days.

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Falcone Family said...

I am thinkging about your sister and her family..praying for a safe return to their safe home.