Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Komodo Dragon

We headed to the zoo today with our friends, Jennifer and Campbell Cox. I met her at the gym and realized we go to the same church and then realized live within 1/2 mile from each other. Cavett hadn't seen Campbell all summer and as soon as he saw her, he gave her a big hug and said, "I missed you!" without prompt. It was good to catch up with Jennifer too. We had a great time even though it was blazing hot.

Kendrick got his first ride on the carousel and he loved it. He also had his first picture taken with Hans, the plastic elephant that Cavett takes his picture with every time we got to the zoo.

The best part of the day was the Komodo Dragon. In fact for some reason, all the reptiles were really into moving today. The kids even pet a beared dragon and a skink. I digress, back to the Komodo Dragon. When we got to his display, he was asleep. Cavett told him to "WAKE UP!" and he did. He opened his eyes. Then we were talking about him opening his mouth and out came his forked tongue! EEEWWWW!!! Then he opened his mouth as wide as he could twice. That is one bizarre animal.

In fact, I think that is why the zoo is so intriguing. There are so many creatures that are so different from us in various shapes and sizes. It's just amazing how God thought up and created them all, each for a purpose--just like us.

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Falcone Family said...

What a great prelude to his b-day! Please give him a HUGE kiss from us and tell him Isabela says "Feliz Cumpleanos"! We won't bother calling tomorrow, I know you want the detachment from the rest of the world on such an important day. Have fun!