Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It worries me the way China wants to appear perfectly perfect to the world in these Olympic games. It has come out that part of the fireworks of the opening ceremony were pre-recorded/special effects. And, just out today the little girl that "sang" some song at the ceremony was lip-syncing. The change was made at the last minute and the original little girl who did the actual singing was not deemed "pretty." The sad part is that the first girl says that she felt honored just to have a role in the ceremony at all. Is this how the communists brainwash you? How truly sad for both girls and this communist country. I would like to think that the U.S. wouldn't do such a thing, but I'm sure it happens on an everyday lower level.

I'm not that political or well-versed in world history or other such matters. I rarely get to watch the news, and all I get is what happens to be on the Yahoo news board or what snipits I hear between shouts of "Mom, Kendrick is bothering me!" But, this show of power from China bothers me. I guess they want all the world to see that communism "works." To that I say, no thank you. There also seems to be some issue with Russia as well.

Just a few thoughts to encourage you to pray for our nation, leaders and world.


Falcone Family said...

It's funny you mention that today. One of my colleagues today was wearing a breacelet witht he imprint stating "pray for China". My forst thoughts were, "who are they (chinese gov't) fooling by how they are showcasing their culture at the Olympics. But, yes, let's pray for the future of the children."
good one jennifer..

Kay Bratt said...

I am not surprised. I have seen children locked away in a dark room 24/7 because they are undesirable. This is nothing compared to what they do behind closed doors.


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