Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a mess!

This afternoon was a challenge as a Mom. It is times like these when you have to realize that you are in control of your own response and stay in control. It all began just after Kendrick was done playing with his Kraft Singles cheese. (That stuff is like glue when it gets mushy.) So, I took him to the sink, stripped him, placed him in the sink and we began the rinsing off ritual. This next part was like slow motion.

Kendrick was wrestling in the sink and he was able to reach my tall, skinny glass jar of liquid dish soap. It hit the island intact and rolled off the other side. It broke in two and dish soap pooled on the floor. I couldn't do anything about it as K was still in the sink. After drying him off and diapering, I placed him in the Entertainer and began the clean-up. After the initial clean-up with an entire roll of dry paper towels, Cavett exclaims he needs to throw-up. (He's running a low fever today of around 100.) So, I run with him to the bathroom. Luckily, he just needed to potty.

I continued cleaning the floor with the second roll of wet paper towels only to find that the rest of the soap that had gone down the drain and was being rinsed down was now bubbling up from the drain on top of the island. To finish it up, Kendrick now had a massive, leaking, green poop diaper. Now I just have the highchair left to clean.

How about you? What's been the worst mess of all to clean up? Now that I have vented, it doesn't seem so bad. But, cleaning up soap is tricky. I guess we already have the Chaney answer!

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Falcone Family said...

Since you challneging moment today was right in the middle of Isabela's first private swim lesson, I was on the phone trying to strategically reschedule a moonwalk for Crystal's party, Isabela is telling me that she needs to go "poopis" and the swim instructor is telling me there is no restroom the sun is beating on us brutally and as the clock is ticking for our "private" lesson! Two fears: a big mess floating all around the pool and losing prepaid time!