Saturday, May 3, 2008

Going to the Theatre

This morning the family went to the theatre. It was Cavett's first real experience besides a movie. His teacher, Ms. Jan, told us about the Company On Stage and that her daughter was the lead in "Puss in Boots". It sounded right up our alley! The theater was very small and intimate--just right for kids. The time was perfect and Cavett had read the story several times before. Cavett was fairly attentive, but kept asking when he would see the ogre. Unfortunately, I assume for the fear factor, the ogre was heard and not seen until he turned into a mouse. Kendrick also enjoyed it. He actually watched most of it, even when given the opportunity to nurse he wanted to watch instead. Afterward, Cavett got the autograph of every single cast member. He was mesmerized! The next show they have will be Sleeping Beauty. I imagine this will be a theatre we will frequent often.

On a side note, Kendrick is loving teething biscuits now. They are really pretty gross to me and make a HUGE mess, but sometimes it's worth if you need a bit of time. This morning he was so messy, he hardly looked like himself. This is a picture when he didn't realize he had placed the biscuit on his head and then kept looking for it. Pretty funny!


Jack said...

WAY cute with the biscuit on the head! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I have a box of those if you wnat them . . . couldn't stnad the mess myself!

Jonny said...

Perhaps this generation will put their own "Fairy Tale Theater" productions on at the farm like we did then.

Falcone Family said...

cool! we will have to check out that theatre, for sure!
i think Kendrick looks appropriately adorable! I am about to blog on Isabela's messy face, too!