Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Mother's Day Picnic

Today was the Mother's Day Picnic at Cavett's school. I hurriedly dropped off Kendrick in the nursery and ran with my blanket and lunch to meet Cavett in the gym. When I arrived the floor was full of mommies and blankets. I found a spot and made the spread. Unfortunately, in the hurry, I left the camera in the diaper bag with Kendrick. So, we had to capture the moment afterwards, but I think I might have even gotten a better take.

They paraded the kids in straight lines at the front of the gym. Each kid was looking for their Mom, Cavett included. Of course, I was on the wrong side. He was desperately looking for me once he realized what was going on and his teacher helped to find me. I blew him a kiss and he blew one back to me. They sang several songs with their music teacher--two of which are featured below. After each one, he looked to me for approval. I cheered for him and blew him more kisses.

He presented me with a "hand" made corsage as seen above and a basket. We then had a sandwich lunch and tickled each other after each bite. (He ate the whole sandwich and it was most fun!) Cavett had made cookies at school for our dessert. The sad thing that I noticed about other Moms was that it was a visiting session for them with their friends. For them, it wasn't about their child. For instance, one kid in Cavett's class wandered over to our blanket and just stared for a while, while his Mom chatted it up and didn't even notice her son was gone. My heart broke for him. This is not a new phenomenon to me either though. I see it happen in my SongPlay class. I try to explain, but some just don't get it. Pay attention to your child!!!! They desperately seek your approval and attention. I know you can't be there at every moment. But, be present when you can be there. I digress, sorry. I'm stepping off my soap box now.....

After we got home and got Kendrick fed, I put Cavett to bed. We talked about our lunch and how special it was. I told him, "Thank you for making me a Mommy, Cavett." His response was, "Awwwww" and he gave me a big hug. He's a sweet kid.

Happy Early Mother's Day to all the Mothers and Mother's-to-Be in my life!
P.S.-Pictures are updated on our website.


Anonymous said...

I totally know what you are talking about with the chatty mom syndrome. Cute singing Cavett!

Falcone Family said...

I agree with you Jennifer, take hold of your child's moments! Isabela watched Cavett over and over....I think their next playdate is way overdue, she misses him :-(