Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Downtown Destination

A fun thing to do with kids in Houston is go to the Aquarium for dinner. Granted it is a little over priced and it is VERY commercialized, they still like looking at the fish. We went for an early dinner in between my rehearsal and concert at Zilkha Hall last night. Besides the Aquarium, they have a "zoo" of sorts with snakes, sharks, tigers, etc, as well as amusement rides. You can get an all day pass to do everything for about $15, but we were only there long enough to ride a couple of rides. Cavett finally got to take a ride on a ferris wheel. We had tried to at the rodeo earlier this year, but it was too windy. Luckily, he isn't old enough to realize all the other "attractions" they have or to "want" all the other junk they sell.

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