Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Whole Lot of Cousins!

This past week/weekend was full of cousin craziness! We, (the kids and I) headed to Shreveport to visit with Nana, Gran and Grampaw and cousins Anna Grace and Zeke. They had a grand time swinging in the backyard, riding the carousel, playing in the fountains, taking walks, and playing in the bathtub. Couldn't ask for much more than multiplying the number! So, on Saturday we did just that!

We went to Henderson, TX for the Morris family reunion. This is my Dad's mother's side of the family. She had 9, yes, that's correct, 9 brothers and sisters. So, needless to say there were more cousins there than you could count. Each sibling chose a color and all the descendants of that sibling wore that color. Memaw's was red, of course. It's her favorite color.

As a child, this reunion was typically held at our Dent farm during our 4th of July celebration. There were red, white and blue banners and flags, decorated tractors and wagons, patriotic music blaring and costumes (think Statue of Liberty/Uncle Sam). Although there was none of that this time and we even had to leave early missing the post-lunch festivities, it was good to see everyone I hadn't seen in years and to remember our past generations. To see more check out Candace's blog.

P.S.-Picture posting from May will be completed tonight on our website.

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