Monday, May 26, 2008

Catching Up

This past weekend was Memorial Day. We had a very relaxing time with Will, KK, William and Nana. We spent most of the day on Saturday lounging around putting together the new DisneyWorld Monorail that cousin Matthew gave us (WAY COOL!!! Thanks Matthew!) and running a couple of errands. (I thought I might have broken my finger, so we went to the office to X-ray it with Stephen's dental X-ray machine. No broken finger, just swollen and painful.) Nana and I made it to the local quilt store, cut and pieced a quilt together for one of Candace's friends. Sunday was church and then we spent the afternoon in the pool. Unfortunately, both our camera and Nana's camera were having display issues, so not many pictures were taken. But, here are a few. Hope you get a good laugh out of the one Stephen caught of me mid-air!

Monday we went to remedy the situation and bought a new camera. There is a small learning curve in that the memory card is different and I haven't had the time to sit down and figure out how to up load. Hopefully, we will have that figured out by the Morris family reunion this coming weekend.


the Chaneys said...

Fun times! Sorry I missed it. Those are some super cute babies!!!

KK said...

I took that one of you mid air! and I wasn't much help because my camera was out of batteries! We had a great time. Thanks for having us.

Falcone Family said...

I love that the boys will have that pic of their mom having fun, Jennifer. I bet Cavett was thinking "mom is "cool" at that very moment! compliments to the photographer.