Saturday, August 27, 2011


I live with boys.  Sports and movement are a part of daily life, right?  In fact, it will be my life for the next 15+ years.  This really sunk in on Friday night.  Yes, Friday night is Kendrick's baseball practice.  My life is definitely no longer my own.  I'm also the team mom.  So, I'm going to embrace it and if you can't beat them, join them.  (Look for a blog coming on the football season...)

Kendrick had a short practice, but it was so cute.  His coach is actually Cavett's past soccer coach and he's so good with the kids. 
This was heading to first base.  Some of them got it right!
They ran the bases yelling out what base it was and practiced throwing a ball. 

Kendrick is furthest away from the camera.

He seems to already have a really good grasp on everything and was at the head of the pack, since he has a big brother and has been watching him for years now.  The first games will be on the 10th and both Cavett and Kendrick's games happen simultaneously for the first two weeks. 

Tonight we got tickets to the Tom Landry Classic at SMU. 

The Allen Eagles played the Cedar Hill Longhorns.  It was extremely impressive the number of Allen folks who showed up.  Cavett sat with Dad the majority of the time so that he could learn the game and how it all works.  We stayed for the first half until after the half time show.   At that point, we were winning 21-7. 

The band was incredible of course.    Just to compare:

Here are the Longhorns.

Here are the Allen Eagles.

Oh, and here's the other half.

And, about 600 on the field!

I sure hope between the karate, the swimming, the baseball, the golf and whatever else they find fun, they will pick an instrument and play in the band as well.  But, if they don't I'll support them and cheer them on, no matter.

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