Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Join Them! 

That's right folks.  It's college football eve kickoff!  (Did I even get that right?!?!?!?)

I have given in.  I dread the fall every year for more reasons than you want to know, but this year and probably for the next 15+ years, I've decided I might as well give in, especially living in Texas, in one of the biggest football towns, it's is all around me.  High school, College, Pro--it's everywhere and everyone lives and breathes it.  It's good and fun, and a diversion from reality, however I still believe it is not the end all and be all of life.

I'm giving myself a reason to cheer and make it through the fall season with more smiles.  I've picked my teams and have read up on some facts (like I even know that A & M is looking at joining the SEC and Oklahoma might follow because the SEC needs an even number and that the SEC hasn't won back to back championships in 13 years).  I may even watch a game or two and cheer.  (I know you are thinking, "Say what?!?!?")

So, here are my picks--
Allen High School
Auburn University
New Orleans Saints

You can probably guess that Allen is due to location and I really enjoyed going to the season opener at SMU, if for nothing else but the marching band.  They are also ranked #1 in the state right now for 5A.  Auburn is for my family for which 2 sisters went to school there, and Saints are for my home state and I have the matching jewelry.  It also helped that both Auburn and Saints are in the top 10 in their rankings. 

You may even find that I show up for a game viewing (if invited) with these in hand and root for OSU....@Armstrongs....

And, as for my husband's comment, I am secretly rooting for A & M as well, if I have to pick a Texas team.  So, the Gibbs can invite us over too.  :)

So, let's go Eagles, Tigers, and Saints!


Jack said...

I knew you would come around. Welcome to the club. Go Football!

Anonymous said...

That is so wrong!!! You live in TEXAS and Dallas!!! You have got to pick Texas teams! I know Allen is in Texas, but come on! Cowboys! UT, even A&M if you have to pick. Besides it will bring some good sibling fun with your family!


Anonymous said...

Feel free to cheer for OU when they aren't playing OSU ;)

Good choice on teams!

Jack said...

I like how you paid homage to your Louisiana roots with your Saints pick. Stephen, she wants to cheer for winners. That's why she didn't pick the Cowboys, Horns, or Aggies. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well WHO DAT then! Maybe we can go to a game int he updated dome when you are here. Sometimes Will can get tickets from work. I saw a funny saints shirt yesterday that said "Let's mess with Texas"