Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Festivus

We have decided to celebrate the entire weekend of Kendrick's birthday, starting Thursday morning.  The night before he chose blue blueberry pancakes for his first birthday breakfast.  the birthday plate was pulled out and a candle found. 

All day long he asked "how much longer till my party?" 
At 4:45 we headed to Splitsville for a very small party of three families, the kids he hangs out with most.  It was a perfect size group.  Who cares if someone bowled at the wrong time on someone elses frame or if a ball accidentally went the wrong way.  The kids had a lot of fun and Kendrick loved "helping" his littlest friend, Lauren, pick up her ball and roll it down the lane. 

Today's special outing, after checking out all the new birthday toys, is one-on-one Mommy/Daddy time at Top Golf in the morning and Kendrick has his first baseball practice this afternoon with his new team, the Yankees.

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