Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Days Left

I think you know what, by now...

Today was focused on "Outdoor Activity." 

After finishing up chores, we headed to Dick's Sporting goods and got some real baseballs and baseball pants for Cavett who was passing his pants and T-balls down to Kendrick.  Kendrick got navy baseball socks for his new baseball team, the Yankees, and I got a golf skirt and shirt. 

Then we turned the corner and ended up, where?  But, at our new favorite outing place--Top Golf.  This was Kendrick's first go at it and he seemed to enjoy it.  His score was about the same as Cavett's for each game and his swing was improving each time, even though toward the end when he was getting tired he said, "This is hard.  Mommy, will you help me?"  His favorite part was "hitting the targets."

Our last swim lesson with Conner was also this afternoon and Cavett has mastered the flip turn, the breast stroke and the butterfly.  His freestyle has really improved with more grace now as well.  Kendrick now can do the back stroke and freestyle and is about where Cavett was last year.  There was more pool time once Dad got home from "emergency work."

Then, the big reveal..."Meet the Teacher Night!"

At 5:30 we went up to Cheatham Elementary and found Cavett's classroom, Room 107 with Mrs. Carnley.  Immediately, I felt at ease and knew this was the perfect answer to what we prayed for all summer.  His teacher is going to be great and he has some really great kids in his class as well. 

In Cavett's words, the best thing about his new room and teacher, was that he has his own desk!  No more tables and having to be responsible for other people's messes. 

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