Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Days Left

Before school starts!

Today was a bit of a bust.  We were busy--too busy.  This morning's note took us to the hallway cabinets to the games.  It was "Board Game, Cards and Puzzles Day."  The problem was we weren't home long enough to enjoy it.

The boys squeezed in one game of "Feed the Kitty" before we headed to Coppell to drop Walker back off at his Dad's office.  Then we had to pick up some clothes at Kid 2 Kid and then to the gym.  After that it was haircut time.  It had to be done before school started and I was dreading it, seeing that it was the week before school and was bound to be busy.  But I figured during the week would be better than the weekend.  Then there was lunch and swim lessons.

Since they had stayed up late the night before, naps were in order.  Kendrick fell right asleep and Cavett had some good down time reading in his room.  Up next--karate where Cavett earned his Cheetah belt.  We dashed by Hobby Lobby to buy some last minute items for a "Back to School" gift for his teacher and then dinner was upon us. 

They were able to squeeze in two more games while we were at church for Choir practice.  So, I told them we would have a "do-over."  At any time we are lacking something to do in the coming days, we must pull out a game of some sort or a puzzle. 

Better luck tomorrow...


Angie said...

Hello Jennifer,
I have been asked to be a BSF Children's Leader for 2011/2012. I am a SAHM with a 5 year old starting Kindergarten next week and a 3 1/2 year old at home with me. I tend to overcommit and don't want to start something I can't finish and/or to to the glory of God. Realistically, how much of a time commitment does it take physically and spiritually to do this ministry with excellence?
I have to give them my decision today and need godly, practical, experience counsel.

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Angie, send me your email and I'll get back with you this afternoon.

Jennifer said...