Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cavett Time

On Wednesday we traded the boys with Grandmama again.  I got Cavett and she took Kendrick. 

Cavett and I played with his Zoobs, went to Karate and waited for Dad to get home for our special dinner.  The boy LOVES steak so we took him to a Brazilian Churrascaria--a steak buffet.  I was very proud of him for trying and tasting several different things off of the salad bar.  Then he ate steak until he was stuffed! 

Today we took Cavett to Top Golf where we met one of his classmates/church friends, Owen for some ball "whacking."  Owen and his Mom played two games with us and then had to part ways.  We let Cavett decide what he wanted to do next.  Decision--we ate there and played another game.  *twist my arm*  :) 

The afternoon was slow and relaxing.  The boys played with the Zoobs some more and watched the Discovery channel while I made pesto.  By dinner time, we just weren't hungry yet, so we skipped it and headed to Karate.  By that time we thought we might need a little something in our tummies--Yougurtville, here we come! 

It was a great week for all of us and so nice to have time with each kid.  I hope grandmama agrees as well.

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Marcus J. said...

This is precious. He is really growing up, Jenny!