Saturday, September 6, 2008

A New Mall

Memorial City Mall--It's not new to Houston, but it is new to me. We had never been there. I went to pick up my fabulous birthday dress and the kids got to run around. Cavett was quite the helper, wanting to push Kendrick all the way from our car to the first store inside the mall.

After shopping we headed to the indoor soft playground. As a Mom, I was very impressed with this playground. It was completely enclosed. You weren't allowed to bring in your stroller or food or drink and there was a Sheriff standing watch at the entrance/exit gate. I felt at easy to let Cavett run about with out having an eye on him at all times. If fact, unless you were following him, it would have been impossible. He was so busy, I barely could snap a shot. On the other hand, this was Kendrick's first experience with one of these and he loved it! He slid, crawled, wobbled, and climbed. He was so busy that he didn't even crack a smile--ever! I was sweating trying to keep up with him. My thighs were burning trying to squat low enough to not hit my head in all of the tight places. (We did Plyometrics this morning.) Great fun and we will head back to this one.


Candace Chaney said...

Fun stuff. Can't wait to play together this weekend!!!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

It's so fun to go to a "new" place.